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Scot-Govt to ban jury trials in Scotland: Alex Salmond was found NOT GUILTY of sex-smear charges by a JURY

Commenting on the Scot-Govt’s statement today to ban jury trials in Scotland:  +  + Mark R. Whittet, (LLB, BA) Leader of Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party – the only other major political party committed to Scottish Independence – said:  + “Justice cannot be compromised – and this Scot-Govt plan to ban jury trials in Scotland’s courts is an full-frontal attack on justice, which must be seen to be done.  + “By all means, extend – on a temporary basis – deadlines for starting criminal trials until the virus quarantine is lifted.  + “But the right to a jury trial is a vital pillar
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THE TRUTH: Independent media reports from the Alex Salmond sex-smear trial reveal here what the ‘mainstream’ media kept from the public

  By CRAIG MURRAY A number of very ambitious people within the SNP  took advantage of Alex Salmond to propel political careers, and then turned upon him after he no longer had power. This happened once it became clear it was the will of the new SNP hierarchy that Alex Salmond be taken out of the political scene for good. + + + + +   Note: These reports are reproduced free of charge. They can be further circulated on all media – also free of charge. Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party is regrettably unable
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