Alex Salmond found INNOCENT of all sex-smear charges; Now heads must roll

Alex Salmond, the former leader of the Scottish National Party, has today been cleared by a jury of all sex-charges against him.

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Mark R. Whittet, (LLB, BA) Leader of Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party – the only other major political party committed to Scottish Independence – said:

“This verdict will be a huge relief – but also at the same time – a complete exonoration and vindication of Mr Salmond’s claim that these charges were not merited by the facts or evidence.

“Further,  Lesley Evans the chief civil servant at the Scot-Government – who reports to No. 10 Downing Street – should be sacked for conducting the failed and botched internal inquiry into these allegations.

“And the lawyers at the Crown Prosecution Service and the chief of Police Scotland (Polis Scotland) should also review both their positions and their processes for proceeding with charges based on ‘evidence’ which the jury found to be in-credible and entirely un-reliable.

“Despite the salacious and selective ‘mainstream media’ reports on the trial, only the jury heard the full story – and all the evidence.

“This information was denied to the people of Scotland by the ‘mainstream’ media through biased, partisan and Unionist ‘Scottish’ newspapers.

“And  – despite the acres of UK Unionist propaganda published by ‘Scottish’ newspapers, they are all continuing to sink from fatal self-inflicted ideological injuries caused by publishing anti-Scottish propaganda as ‘news’ (See latest circulation statistics here:) –


Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party

The primary goal – and number one objective in the constitution of Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party –  is to achieve political Independence for Scotland.

We aim to do so by helping to bring about a new/ second Scottish Independence Referendum in light of the entirely-changed political and constitutional landscape following the UK Brexit vote.

We shall do this by providing a meaningful, valid, SECOND choice/ chance to vote for Independence-supporting MSPs in elections to the next Scottish Parliament; ie SNP party members/ voters can vote ‘first’ choice for SNP on the ballot paper, and then vote ‘second’ choice for Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party on the ballot paper.

This gives two choices/ chances/ votes in favour of Scotland’s Independence (instead of the present 1/ SNP – and reduces the ‘stray’/ use-less ‘second’ vote going to any other British Unionist party.

Despite the use of the word ‘Scottish’ in front of their names, the Liberals, Tories and Labour are all single, British Unionist parties and are all controlled from, and based in, their London head offices.

Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party is not competing with the SNP; rather, we want to work in a progressive alliance with them and all other groups that support Independence for Scotland.




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