Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party urges Nicola Sturgeon to form ‘Vote-1 SNP, Vote-2 Indy-list’ voting pact for super-majority of pro-Scottish Independence MSPs in Scottish Parliament – before she’s sacked



Dear Nicola,

Five years ago, when I set up Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party (www.SiRP.Scot) I wrote to you with an open offer to the SNP to join us in a progressive alliance to maximise the number of pro-Indy SNP and Indy-list MSPs to the Scottish Parliament.

This is because of the thousands of ‘wasted’ SNP second preference votes in the proportional representation system used to elect MSPs to Scotland’s Parliament.

As a result of the SNP’s dominant lead in the first-preference vote, the party won most of the constituency seats in Holyrood in 2016.

But at the same time, virtually all of the 1 MILLION SNP-second preference votes were then discarded and went to waste, with staunchly Unionist political parties picking up ‘list-seats’ on the second votes.

Today, I remind you that our offer to co-operate in a ‘Vote-1 SNP, Vote-2 Indy-list’ pact still remains open.

While opinion polls vary, most experienced observers expect the outcome of the 2021 Scottish Parliament election will be that the SNP ‘wins’ – ie it will be the largest single party.

But even if the SNP ‘wins’ in this regard, the opposition Unionist parties will still be able to effectively dismiss an SNP ‘win’ as not being a sufficiently strong mandate for Scotland’s Independence.

Only by co-operating in a joint ‘Vote-1 SNP, Vote-2 Indy-list’ pact can we get a ‘super majority’ of  approximately 70 SNP MSPs AND a further 25 Indy-list MSPs, who can then effectively insist that the UK government ‘grants’ us power to hold a second referendum on Scotland’s Independence.

This is how pro-Independence parties in Ireland co-operated in the 1918 election which resulted in the creation of the independent state of the Republic of Ireland.

Consequently, I urge you to accept our offer to co-operate in a Scottish Independence pact – before it’s too late.

Independence is far too important to just be left to the SNP

So tell SNP voters to Vote-1 for SNP and then use their second vote to Vote-2 Indy list.

Otherwise, a narrow ‘victory’ for the SNP (alone) in the Scottish Parliament election on 6 May 2021 will achieve nothing – indeed it will simply continue the current constitutional stalemate.

Oh.. but one thing will change.

You will likely no longer be leader of the SNP – either you will have decided to stand down from the job. Or y/our colleagues will demand that you quit.

Yours Independently


Mark Whittet (ex SNP)

SiRP Holyrood MSP candidate (Edinburgh & Lothians)

We always put #Indy1st


Campaign poster coming soon from Scotland's Independence Referendum Party

Campaign poster

  • Vote YES-2 Scottish Independence

  • Make sure BOTH your votes count towards Scottish Independence 

  • An SNP-2 vote is a wasted vote (The SNP wasted around 1 MILLION votes in 2016 and got just 4 MSPs)



How did Ireland gain its independence?


SNP should have backed British Brexit in return for UK ‘permission’ for Scottish Independence Referendum.

Let’s no’ muck it up again & let’s make 2021 Scotland’s Independence election


OFFICIAL: SNP’s Plan-A for Scottish Independence is dead – even if SNP win 70 MSPs / 70 MPs!

So here’s Plan-B:




Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party

The primary goal – and number one objective in the constitution of Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party – is to achieve political Independence for Scotland.

We aim to do so by helping to bring about a new/ second Scottish Independence Referendum in light of the entirely-changed political and constitutional landscape following the UK Brexit vote.

We shall do this by providing a meaningful, valid, SECOND choice/ chance to vote for Independence-supporting MSPs in elections to the next Scottish Parliament; ie SNP party members/ voters can vote ‘first’ choice for SNP on the ballot paper, and then vote ‘second’ choice for Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party on the ballot paper.

This gives two choices/ chances/ votes in favour of Scotland’s Independence (instead of the present 1/ SNP – and reduces the ‘stray’/ use-less ‘second’ vote going to any other British Unionist party.

Despite the use of the word ‘Scottish’ in front of their names, the Liberals, Tories and Labour are all single, British Unionist parties and are all controlled from, and based in, their London head offices.

Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party is not competing with the SNP; rather, we want to work in a progressive alliance with them and all other groups that support Independence for Scotland.


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