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Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party urges Nicola Sturgeon to form ‘Vote-1 SNP, Vote-2 Indy-list’ voting pact for super-majority of pro-Scottish Independence MSPs in Scottish Parliament – before she’s sacked

  OPEN LETTER Dear Nicola, Five years ago, when I set up Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party (www.SiRP.Scot) I wrote to you with an open offer to the SNP to join us in a progressive alliance to maximise the number of pro-Indy SNP and Indy-list MSPs to the Scottish Parliament. This is because of the thousands of ‘wasted’ SNP second preference votes in the proportional representation system used to elect MSPs to Scotland’s Parliament. As a result of the SNP’s dominant lead in the first-preference vote, the party won most of the constituency seats in Holyrood in 2016. But at the
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