Royal Bank ‘raped and betrayed’ Scotland – which is why we now need a new Free Bank of Scotland

With regard to the report on the mis-conduct by the Royal Bank of Scotland by the Financial Conduct Authority (see here for details; –,

Mark R Whittet, Leader of Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party – who stood for election last year in the Edinburgh West seat which is home to the head office of the Royal Bank of Scotland – said;

 “The Financial Conduct Authority on the gross mis-conduct by the Royal Bank of Scotland is absolutely damning.

 “It shows managers operated in a corporate culture of greed while putting the interests of their small business customers last.

 “Sadly, too many of them will get no compensation whatsoever while no regulatory or disciplinary action is taken against those Royal bankers who conspired to de-fraud their customers in an orgy of corporate rape.

 “And the high-hand decision by what is still a publicly-owned bank to close dozens of local Royal Bank branches in towns across Scotland is another example of a it betraying the very country which gave its name.

 “We call on people to support the UNITE trade union demonstration on Friday, 23 February 2018 outside the former Royal Bank of Scotland head office branch in St Andrews Square, Edinburgh. This is due to take place from 11am to 12 noon.

 “But despite the loss of popular support and local management in Scotland of the Royal Bank and the Bank of Scotland (now sadly part of the Lloyds Banking Group) Scotland still needs a healthy, independent retail bank.

 “There have been noises-off from businessmen about setting up a commercial rival to the Bank of Scotland and the Royal Bank, but what we really need is a new Free Bank of Scotland.

 “Sadly, Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party does not presently have the funds to register to do so – but we call on millions of highly-unsatisfied customers of these now nationalised ‘ghost-banks’ to support our call for a new Free Bank of Scotland.

 “It costs £25,000 just to send a letter of application to the Financial Conduct Authority indicating intent to set up the Free Bank of Scotland and details of how to make donations can be obtained here: –

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