SNP face loss of 3 Westminster seats** in general election if they refuse progressive alliance with  Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party (* Edinburgh West, *Glasgow East, and *Berwickshire)


Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party may put up candidates against the SNP in Glasgow East – where the SNP is now a ‘soiled brand’ after the former SNP MP Natalie McGarry has been charged with fraud offences  – and also in the highly marginal Berwickshire seat in the Borders.


The SNP are defending the marginal Edinburgh West seat in the general election with a slender majority of 3.6% over the Liberals.


But the SNP has sacked its two MPs in Edinburgh West and Glasgow East amid allegations of sleaze. It has not announced candidates for these two seats.


Mark R Whittet, Leader, Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party, will stand as prospective parliamentary candidate in Edinburgh West.


Whittet said: “The SNP cannot win Edinburgh West – no matter who they may choose to nominate as a candidate.


“But Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party could win Edinburgh West – if the SNP accept our offer to form a progressive alliance for Scottish Independence and if they instead decide to accept they cannot win here and stand down.


“While the SNP are defending a bigger majority in Glasgow East, the same underlying issues apply – unless They also stand down and accept the political reality that the SNP is a spoilt brand in this seat.


“Meanwhile, the SNP won the Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk seat at the 2015 general election, with a majority of just 328 votes (0.6% of the electorate) over second placed Tories. If Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party won just 165 votes in Berwickshire, this could be enough to cost the SNP the seat.


“Both Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party and the Scottish National Party agree one over-arching aim – Scottish Independence.


“If the SNP refuse to form a progressive alliance with Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party, they run the risk of losing not just one seat at Westminster (Edinburgh West) but possibly also a second (Glasgow East) and a third in Berwickshire.”


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