Time for new Scottish Independence referendum as new poll shows most Scots (60%) believe they will be worse off when UK leaves the EU

With six in 10 Scots (61%) fearing they will be worse off as a result of leaving the EU in a UK-led Brexit, the time is fast-approaching when a new Independence Referendum for Scotland is needed.

 Commenting on the results of the IPSOS MORI poll, Mark R Whittet, leader of Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party, said:

 “The 2014 Scottish independence referendum was based on Tory-led Brit-Govt lies that Scotland would be worse off outside the UK, and that the only way Scotland could remain in the EU was to vote ‘No’ to independence from England.

 “As recently confirmed by official Brit-Govt leaked data, the real truth is that Scotland will be worse off outside the EU – and the only way that Scotland can remain in the EU is by leaving the United Kingdom.

 “The Brexit bourach is a game-changer for Scottish independence and proves beyond reasonable doubt the grounds for a new referendum in Scotland on independence – not least because support for Scotland’s independence is growing, up to 48% now from 45% in the 2014 referendum.”


IPSOS MORI poll results:

 Do you think that the UK’s / Scotland’s economy will be better off or worse off as a result of leaving the EU?

UK’s Economy
 Worse off: 61%
Better off: 14%
No difference: 15%
Don’t know: 10%
Scotland’s Economy
Worse off: 61%
Better off: 12%
No difference: 18%
Don’t know: 8%

Should Scotland be an independent country? 

YES 48%
NO 52%

(undecideds/refused removed)

By Age 16-24                     25-34 35-54 55+
YES 57% 59% 48% 35%
NO 42% 37% 46% 63%
Undecided 1% 4% 6% 3%

Notes to editors:
Ipsos MORI poll for STV, 1050 Scottish adults aged 16+, Fieldwork 5-11 March 2018

‘Bourach’ is the Scots language word for; a muddle, mess, state of confusion, disorganised heap; eg;-

  • “Brexit is a richt bourach’
  • ‘Brexit will become a richt bourach’


Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party

 The primary goal – and number one objective in the constitution of Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party –  is to achieve political Independence for Scotland.

We aim to do so by helping to bring about a new/ second Scottish Independence Referendum in light of the entirely-changed political and constitutional landscape following the UK Brexit vote.

We shall do this by providing a meaningful, valid, SECOND choice/ chance to vote for Independence-supporting MSPs in elections to the next Scottish Parliament; ie SNP party members/ voters can vote ‘first’ choice for SNP on the ballot paper, and then vote ‘second’ choice for Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party on the ballot paper.

This gives two choices/ chances/ votes in favour of Scotland’s Independence (instead of the present 1/ SNP – and reduces the ‘stray’/ use-less ‘second’ vote going to any other British Unionist party.

Despite the use of the word ‘Scottish’ in front of their names, the Liberals, Tories and Labour are all single, British Unionist parties and are all controlled from, and based in, their London head offices.

Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party is not competing with the SNP; rather, we want to work in a progressive alliance with them.

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