UK general election news: SNP can’t win again in Edinburgh West as 

Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party stands against SNP

The newly-established Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party (SIRP) is standing to

fight on a pro-Independence ticket against the SNP in Edinburgh West.


This seat was won by ​in 2015 by the SNP by Michelle Thomson, who was almost

immediately involved in a scandal involving purchase of former council houses.


Michelle Thomson was suspended by the SNP last year and now sits alone in Westminster.

Mark R. Whittet, leader of Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party, said:


“As a result of the unfortunate Thomson-scandal, the SNP cannot win Edinburgh West at

the snap general election on 8 June as voters will be turned-off by her past career.


“But Edinburgh West still needs a Scottish Independence option in the ballot box and this  can now only be

delivered by Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party.


“A vote for the SNP in Edinburgh West is a wasted vote – and will only allow the Liberals to sneak back in.


“Only a vote for Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party in Edinburgh West can

maintain the rising pressure on Westminster for Scottish independence

Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party (SIRP) has been set up by Scots  businessman Mark R.  Whittet, who

is the publishing Director of Scottish Energy News Ltd.


Mark R Whittet, Leader, Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party  said: “As Leader of Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party, my aim will be to ensure that all the

votes in favour of Scottish independence either on the ‘first’ –  but particularly the ‘second’ votes-  to

the Scottish Parliament, local councils and the European parliament are effectively registered and counted.


“The way the pre-devolution fix by the Westminster parliament – even before the Scottish Parliament was

re-born – was deliberately designed to ‘knock Scottish independence stone dead.’


“While Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party may not gain sufficient votes to be elected

on ‘first-votes’ only, there are hundreds of thousands of SNP voters literally wasting their ‘second’

vote on anti-independence Unionist political parties because of the lack of any alternative.


“Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party will now give hundreds of thousands of SNP

‘second-voters’ a second chance to cast a meaningful second-vote in support of Scottish Independence.


“As for our energy policy, the Scottish Independence Referendum Party supports the drive towards

reducing carbon emissions in all three main sectors – electricity, heat and transport, is broadly supportive

of market-led solutions, endorses an evidence-based approach and is not dogmatically in favour of, or against,

any one type of technology or another.


“Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party shares the same over-arching aim as the SNP – which is

Independence for Scotland – and it is open to partnership working with all parties to achieve this

over-arching goal.


“Independence for Scotland will create new challenges – but also new opportunities – for businessmen

and entrepreneurs from across the industrial and commercial spectrum, not just in the energy sector,

especially if Scotland remains within the European Union.

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