(Even though ‘now may not be the time’) Scotland still has the right to hold Scottish Independence vote when the Scot-government chooses

Commenting on the announcement today by Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to re-schedule a referendum on Scotland’s Independence until after the next Holyrood elections, Mark R Whittet, Leader of Scotland’s Independence Referendum party, said:

“Even though ‘now may not be the time’ for Scotland’s Independence referendum, but Scotland – still – has the right to hold this vote when the Scot-government (and people) chooses.

“The general election outcome – skewed by an unfair and anti-democratic first past the post voting system – does nothing to alter the Scot-Government’s right and democratically-achieved mandate to hold the next referendum on Scotland’s Independence.

“This has already been approved in the Scottish Parliament and the principle of self-determination – which in the past has been good enough for the citizens of Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands for the British Government – is an inalienable democratic right recognised by the United Nations.

“Before the general election Prime Minister May said ‘now is not the time’ for a Scottish Independence referendum. Today’s statement from Sturgeon simply re-states the inalienable right of the people of Scotland – as expressed through the Scottish Government mandate – to hold such a referendum.

“Which is why Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party will be putting up candidates across the country for the next Holyrood general election.

“This means that voters will have two options to vote for candidates supporting Scotland’s Independence and partially balance up the three options to vote for Unionist candidates in the London-based Tory, Labour and Liberal parties.

“This is why we’ve offered to work together in a progressive alliance with the SNP to maximise the vote in favour of Scotland’s Independence.”

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