Now the time comes closer for Scottish Independence Referendum following Brexit omnishambles in London, Brussels, Dublin and Belfast

Now the time comes closer for Scottish Independence Referendum following Brexit omnishambles in London, Brussels, Dublin and Belfast

Not now, but soon will be the time for a second Scottish Independence referendum given the vastly-changed political landscape following last night’s Brexit omnishambles by the British government.

Mark R Whittet, (LLB, BA) Leader of Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party said today:

“The entirely-unsurprising collapse of the London-led ‘negotiations’ over Brexit with the EU has clearly exposed the double-dealing duplicity of the Tory government in Westminster, which wants a ‘Brexit cake and eat it’ policy of leaving N. Ireland in the EU customs union and single market while wrenching Scotland out of the EU against the wishes to the majority as part of a ‘mainland UK hard Brexit’.

“Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party supports the call by the SNP for Scotland to remain in the EU customs union and the single market – just as the British government want for N. Ireland – as a stepping stone on the road towards a full Scottish Independence Referendum.

“Earlier this year, British prime minister Theresa May said that ‘now is not the time’ for a fresh Scottish Independence Referendum.

“But last night’s Brexit omnishambles for the Tories in London, Dublin, Belfast and Brussels clearly show that the time for a fresh Scottish Independence Referendum is coming a lot closer – and a lot faster – than May ever thought possible.

“The Tories are busy reneging on Devolution to Scotland –  with Tory MPs voting early this morning in the Westminster parliament to steal powers from Scotland for London which should come to Holyrood from Brussels after Brexit.

 “The only way out of this Brexit omnishambles for Scotland is another Scottish Independence Referendum – which this time should also include the ‘Devo-Max’ option of Scotland remaining within the UK only for the purposes of defence and foreign affairs, but while also remaining within the EU customs union and single market (which is what the Tories want for N. Ireland).

 “While Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party favours Scottish Independence, a referendum ballot which resulted in a Devo-Max option would be a welcome temporary step along the road to full Scottish sovereignty.”

Re Damien Green and allegations relating to pornography in the House of Commons

For purely venal and selfish Tory party political self-interest, Cabinet Minister Damien Green, MP – who is effectively Deputy to Prime Minister Theresa May – has not stood down from his government job while investigations of alleged mis-use of workplace computers to view thousands of pornographic images on his House of Commons, taxpayer-funded, computer are investigated.

 But Green should stand down while the evidence provided by on this matter by now-retired police officers is investigated.

In any other job, ordinary members of the public would be sacked for gross misconduct for watching pornography in the office on their employer’s IT system.

 The range of ‘usual suspects’ of Tory backbench MPs and (other) retired police officers lining up to criticise the leaking of the allegations that (then serving) police officers found evidence of Green’s workplace computer/s in the House of Commons must be disregard because this was not the cause of the initial police raid on Green’s office is disingenuous – ie a political lie.

 Mark R Whittet, (LLB, BA) Leader of Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party said:

 “This is like a motorist being stopped for a minor offence of faulty brake-lights and then the police finding DNA evidence in his car which places him at the scene of a murder – only then for Tory MPs to call for the DNA evidence pointing to murderous criminality to be ignored because the DNA evidence only came to light as a by-product of a routine faulty brake-light stop.

 “This is disingenuous. This is a whopping big red herring and a political lie.

 “Instead of perpetuating this lie, the Metropolitan police and the Cabinet Office should actively pursue the allegations of mis-use of workplace computers in the House of Commons against Green.

 “And Green should stand down as a Cabinet Minister while this information is actively considered by the Cabinet Office.

 “And if it is found that Green’s DNA and fingerprint evidence is found on the keyboard of the workplace computer from which pornography was viewed online, he should be sacked from his ministerial post for gross misconduct.

 “And the voters can decide for themselves in any subsequent general election if they then wish to sack Green as their MP for fiddling away his time – at public expense – by watching pornography at his workplace.”

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