REAL NEWS: Independent Scottish media channel wins record 480,000 unique web visitors in May 2017

REAL NEWS: Scottish Independence website wins 480,000 unique visitors in May 2017

A spokesman for Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party commented:

“Wings Over Scotland is where independently-minded people can get the ‘real news’ on Scottish politics rather than the fake news ‘newspapers’ and  ‘Mis-Reporting’ Scotland on BBC TV and radio.

“And these visitor figures for Wings Over Scotland are the kind of viewing/ readership results that the London-based ‘mainstream’ ‘Scottish’ media would dearly love.

“But it’s a fundamental rule of business, that – like the London-based ‘mainstream’ ‘Scottish’ media – if you insist on telling half your readers (or half of Scotland) that the’re too poor, too stupid and too wee to thrive and prosper among the international global community that they’ll vote with their pocket and stop buying your product.”


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