Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party tells ex-SNP MP Michelle Thomson (and other potential Holyrood MSPs): ‘Come and join us’

Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party is asking former SNP MP Michelle Thomson – and other potential Holyrood MSPs and supporters) to join us in ‘evening up the odds’ in favour of a Scottish independence referendum.



Thomson was elected SNP MP for Edinburgh West in the 2015 general election, taking the seat from the Liberal and was immediately appointed as the party’s business spokeswoman. However, she resigned the party whip in September that year following allegations about past property dealings and did not stand in the June 2017 election. Last week, the state prosecution system said Thomson had no case to answer and dropped its investigation into her.


Mark R Whittet, Leader of Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party ( commented:

“Scotland needs people to come forward and work with, support and – possibly – stand for election on behalf of Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party.

“That’s why we’re asking everyone – including Michelle Thomson – who wants make sure that the second-transferable vote in the proportional representation system used to elect MSPs in the Scottish Parliament is used to maximise the vote for Independence to join Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party.

“Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party is planning to put up candidates in every seat in the Scottish Parliament at the next Holyrood elections so as to give every SNP voter the chance to cast their ‘second preference vote in favour of Scottish Independence by voting for the SIRP instead of wasting their second transferable votes for Unionist candidates.”


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It is commonly calculated that a 5% share of the ‘list’ or second transferable vote for parties standing for election can get MSPs voted into Holyrood.


A well-known broadcasting company once asked: “Surely Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party is simply a single-issue protest party based in Edinburgh?”

Whittet: “There is no greater single issue facing Scotland and every Scot than independence. Independence is the over-arching policy that will enable us to work progressively towards a fairer, more equal and just society, where we can all share more fairly in the rewards of making Scotland a better place to be.

“Every other policy – health, economics, taxation, employment, immigration, social welfare – depends on first making Scotland Independent –  and Scottish Independence is an issue which affects every neuk and crannie across the land – directly and/or indirectly”

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