SNP supporters deface Bank of England £10 notes with ‘Vote for Scottish Independence’ Westminster election message

As evidenced by the (attached) photograph, it appears that members and/or supporters of the SNP are de-facing Bank of England £10 notes by writing on the Queen’s face with ‘Vote for SNP/ Scottish Independence’ electioneering messages.

Commenting on this, Mark R. Whittet, Leader of Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party and prospective British parliamentary candidate for the Edinburgh West seat in the UK general election on 8 June 2017, said:

“Whilst Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party fully understands why members and/or sympathisers of the SNP appear to have chosen to spoil Bank of England £10 notes by writing election slogans supporting Scotland’s Independence over the Queen’s face, we do not support any such law-breaking and ostensibly illegal activities.

“However, we fully sympathise with their sentiment in support of Scotland’s Independence because – like the SNP – Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party aims to stand up for Scotland and to always put Scotland’s interests first and foremost ahead of the British Unionist parties,which are all based in, and controlled from, London.

“Standing up for Scotland – and putting Scotland’s interests first – means we must have the power to create an Independent central Bank of Scotland and also to have full control of all the fiscal and economic powers of an Independent Scottish Nation, as guaranteed under the United Nations declaration on national self-determination.

“I am standing up for Scotland by standing for election to the British parliament in the Edinburgh West constituency on 8 June 2017 and by offering voters who support Scottish Independence the chance to ignore the toxic-SNP brand as a result of their difficulties from the previous MP.

“The first past the post voting system to the British parliament is both un-fair and un-democratic and gives British Unionist parties three or four chances to get past the unfair first part the post winning line, compared to the better (but not perfect) proportional voting system for the Scottish parliament.

“If SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon truly wants to put Scotland’s interests first, her candidate in Edinburgh West must stand down to give voters a fair chance of voting for the other major political party – Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party – that stands up for Scotland.

“Because of the SNP’s problems with their previous MP, the SNP cannot win here in Edinburgh West – but Scotland’s Independence Referendum party could winhere in Edinburgh West.”


Note to Editor

This statement and accompanying photograph has not (yet) been published on due to IT service-affecting issues.

This information will be published on the party website as soon as these temporary technical difficulties are resolved.

The (attached) image of  £10 Bank of England note – which shows the defaced image of the Queen’s face – was received in change by a member of Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party in the course of routine commercial transactions.

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