EXCLUSIVE: £750 million in lost revenue from SNP’s Stamp Tax could have paid for 5,000 NHS Scotland hospital bed spaces

Edinburgh West is one of the top five marginal seats in Scotland in next week’s British parliamentary elections.

Normally, party leaders have to be dragged away from campaigning in marginal seats so as to encourage their candidates.

But today Mark R Whittet, Leader of Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party – a local resident who is standing for election in Edinburgh West – said:

“Where are Sturgeon, Davidson, Dugdale and Rennie, the leaders of the SNP and London based Unionist parties?

“There’s been no sign of them here in Edinburgh West. Why are they afraid to meet their prospective voters in this highly-marginal seat?

For the Tories, is it because Ruth Davidson has persistently U-turned on whether we should be in the EU, or force-fed a full English-led Brexit?

For Labour, is it because Kezia Dugdale wants to ban democracy and prevent a new Scottish Independence referendum – which her party leader Jeremy Corbyn would agree to?

For the Liberals, is it because Wullie Rennie is does not want to be reminded of his party’s U-turns on student fees, or their opposition to the 1p on tax for Scotland proposed by then SNP leader Alex Salmond – which the Liberals now want to impose on Scotland?

“And for Nicola Sturgeon, is it because she fears she too will be contaminated by locally-toxic SNP brand and the (alleged) business difficulties of her party’s former MP for Edinburgh West?

“Or is it because the SNP’s new Stamp Tax on middle-band houses costs Murrayfield residents £40,000 in cash up front just to move house – while the tax will collected £750 million LESS** than the system it replaced?”

A spokesman for Rettie, the firm of Edinburgh estate agents – who researched the huge adverse impacts of the SNP’s Stamp Tax – explained:

“Given the <housing> market seizures that are continuing, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to argue for this medicine <the SNP Stamp Tax>. The £750 million reduction on forecast over the lifetime of the Parliament could have paid for over 1,000 hospital bed spaces a year.”

Whittet – who resides in Edinburgh West and who formerly served an elected councillor in the capital as a member of the city’s Barnton, Cammo and Cramond Community Council – added:

“Whether you vote Tory, Labour or Liberal next month, Edinburgh West – and Scotland – will still be force-fed a full English Brexit on 9 June.

“England has voted for the full Brexit – ie British Independence – from the European Union.

“And – rightfully respecting the clear wishes of the people of England – the English-dominated British parliament will unilaterally yank Scotland out of the EU as part of Westminster’s duty to enact the full ‘British’ Brexit.

“Yet neither Edinburgh city, Edinburgh West nor Scotland – want this. We clearly voted against the full English Brexit in last year’s Euro-rendum.

“Only by voting for Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party can Scotland ensure we get our chance to avoid the economic catastrophe of losing 80,000 jobs on being dragged out of the EU.”

The full impact of the SNP Stamp Tax by Edinburgh estate agent Rettie can be viewed here:


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