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OFFICIAL: SNP set to lose Edinburgh West in massive 7% swing to Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party

According to the latest opinion polls, the SNP is set to lose Edinburgh West as a result of a massive 7% swing – a huge movement in favour of a  ‘so-called’ ‘minority’ candidate – in favour of Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party (see chart, left). Mark R. Whittet (LLB, BA) – Leader of Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party, who is standing as the SIRP candidate for Edinburgh West in the British parliament election, said; – ‘It’s note too late for voters in Edinburgh West- which recorded the largest ‘keep Scotland in the EU’ vote in Scotland – to vote against the so-called
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Analysis: How British pro-union parties forgot about #ScotRef in the #GE17 campaign

PRO-UNION PARTIES in Scotland have spent much of the General Election campaigning against a second referendum in Scotland, but something is curiously absent. In March the Scottish Parliament already voted to request a referendum on Scottish independence from UK Government, where the power to hold a legal referendum resides. Scottish Tories, Labour, Lib Dems and Ukip all ignore parliamentary vote for #ScotRef   The parliament entered into this debate and vote on the basis of the Scottish elections in 2016, which saw the SNP win the most seats on a manifesto saying another referendum could be held on the basis of the UK
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