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Tory Brexit will hit Aberdeen and Edinburgh economies TWICE as HARD as rest of UK – so SNP MUST collaborate in progressive alliance with Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party to maximise Indy-MSPs in next Holyrood election

OFFICIAL: City of London report says that Aberdeen and Edinburgh will suffer twice as much as UK average in Tory-led ‘hard’ Brexit’ The economies of every major British city are set to decline under the ‘hard Brexit’ plan being forced through the parliament by the Brit-Govt. But the economies of the oil and gas based Aberdeen-Grampian and  financial services-based Edinburgh-Lothian regions are set to fall by twice as much as the UK average, according to the findings of a new report published today (27 Jul 2017) by a London-based think-tank. And Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party (  leader – Mark R
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