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Tory Brexit will hit Aberdeen and Edinburgh economies TWICE as HARD as rest of UK – so SNP MUST collaborate in progressive alliance with Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party to maximise Indy-MSPs in next Holyrood election

OFFICIAL: City of London report says that Aberdeen and Edinburgh will suffer twice as much as UK average in Tory-led ‘hard’ Brexit’ The economies of every major British city are set to decline under the ‘hard Brexit’ plan being forced through the parliament by the Brit-Govt. But the economies of the oil and gas based Aberdeen-Grampian and  financial services-based Edinburgh-Lothian regions are set to fall by twice as much as the UK average, according to the findings of a new report published today (27 Jul 2017) by a London-based think-tank. And Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party (  leader – Mark R
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Royal Bank to betray Scotland and Edinburgh West constituency workers if it flits to London

The Royal Bank of Scotland will betray both its country and its workers in the Edinburgh West constituency – which is home to the bank’s head office – if it flits to London, according to Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party. Thousands of directly-employed workers and contractors work at the Royal Bank complex at Gogarburn, near Edinburgh airport – both of which are in the Edinburgh West British parliamentary constituency seat (see map attached). Party Leader Mark R. Whittet is standing for Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party as the SIRP candidate in Edinburgh West. He said: “As a resident of Edinburgh West, I
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