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Spain’s extradition of Catalan Independence minister from Scotland under European Arrest Warrant is same sleekit anti-independence tactic used by UK against Gandhi and India

                      Following today’s court hearing on the above in Edinburgh today, Mark R Whittet (LLB, BA) leader of Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party, said:  “Although SNP leader and Scot-Govt First Minister Sturgeon cannot legally intervene in Spain’s anti-democratic European Arrest Warrant against Catalan Independence leader Carla Ponsati, Sturgeon should nevertheless publicly denounce Spain for oppressing the Catalan independence mandate.  “Sturgeon should now  – like Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party –  draw the very clear parallel conclusion with Westminster’s delaying tactic in preventing Scotland  from holding the Brexit-changed Scottish Independence Referendum-2, which also illegally denies the Scottish Independence
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