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Spain’s extradition of Catalan Independence minister from Scotland under European Arrest Warrant is same sleekit anti-independence tactic used by UK against Gandhi and India

                      Following today’s court hearing on the above in Edinburgh today, Mark R Whittet (LLB, BA) leader of Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party, said:  “Although SNP leader and Scot-Govt First Minister Sturgeon cannot legally intervene in Spain’s anti-democratic European Arrest Warrant against Catalan Independence leader Carla Ponsati, Sturgeon should nevertheless publicly denounce Spain for oppressing the Catalan independence mandate.  “Sturgeon should now  – like Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party –  draw the very clear parallel conclusion with Westminster’s delaying tactic in preventing Scotland  from holding the Brexit-changed Scottish Independence Referendum-2, which also illegally denies the Scottish Independence
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Spain’s European arrest warrant for Catalan Independence leader in Scotland must be quashed

Commenting today on the news that Catalan Independence politician Clara Ponsati is preparing to hand herself in to Polis Scotland on the issue of a European arrest warrant from Spain, Mark R Whittet (LLB, BA), Leader of Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party said;  “This shocking abuse of democratic process of the European arrest warrant system by Spain is intolerable and should be resisted by Scotland’s courts and government.  “Can we imagine the British government handing over Sergei Skripal to Moscow on a European arrest warrant if Russia was part of the EU? Or London handing over the war-time Polish government-in-exile in
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